June 17, 2015: SF-MPQ-2 Now Available in 40 Languages

The development of the SF-MPQ-2 was sponsored by the Initiative on Methods, Measurement, and Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials (IMMPACT), and the measure is now available in 40 languages. The SF-MPQ-2 has shown excellent reliability and validity in several independent studies, and there are four readily interpretable subscales – continuous pain, intermittent pain, predominantly neuropathic pain, and affective descriptors. The SF-MPQ-2 is suitable for diverse clinical studies, including clinical trials of treatments for neuropathic, non-neuropathic, and “mixed” pain conditions (for the initial publication, see Pain 2009;144:35-42; for recent references, see J Pain 2015;16:357-366). ACTTION and Dr. Ronald Melzack, who developed the MPQ and the SF-MPQ, share licensing fees from for-profit organizations using the SF-MPQ-2. Permission to use the SF-MPQ-2 can be obtained from the Mapi Research Trust (e-mail: PROinformation@mapi-trust.org; website: www.proqolid.com).