June 4-5, 2015: 18th IMMPACT Meeting on Data Quality a Success

The 18th meeting of the Initiative on Methods, Measurement, and Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials (IMMPACT) was held on June 4-5, 2015 in Washington DC. The objective of the meeting was to develop recommendations for study execution and conduct that would ensure data quality in clinical trials of pain treatments. There were 51 participants from the US and Europe, representing academia, government agencies, industry, and patient advocacy organizations. There was a consensus among the participants that the issues that were addressed require continued attention and research and should be carefully considered in the design and execution of analgesic clinical trials. A manuscript is being drafted that will summarize the meeting discussions and present recommendations and research needs. The meeting agenda, background slide presentations, participant names and affiliations, and a complete meeting transcript will be available on the IMMPACT website in several weeks.