September 3, 2014: ACTTION Presentations at the 15th World Congress on Pain

ACTTION will be well represented at the 15th World Congress on Pain, being held in Buenos Aires from October 6-11, 2014. Paul Desjardins, DMD, PhD, a member of ACTTION's Executive Committee, will give a talk on "The Actions of ACTTION and the Impact of IMMPACT" at the Acute Pain Special Interest Group (SIG) Satellite Meeting; the satellite meeting was organized by Daniel Carr, MD, Chair of the Acute Pain SIG, and Co-Chair of ACTTION’s Board of Advisors and a member of its Executive Committee. Jennifer Gewandter, PhD, will present a poster on "Data Interpretation in Analgesic Clinical Trials with Statistically Non-significant Primary Analyses: An ACTTION Systematic Review" (with co-authors A. McKeown, S. Smith, M. McDermott, M. Hunsinger, M. Williams, M. Rowbotham, D. Turk, R. Dworkin). Shannon Smith, PhD, ACTTION’s Assistant Director, will give a talk on "Phase 2 and 3 Clinical Trials" at a symposium on "Improving and Accelerating the Development of New Drugs for Neuropathic Pain."