Working Groups

Abuse Liability Evaluation for Research, Treatment, and Training (ALERTT)

Addressing Disparities in the Distribution and Assessment of Pain and its Treatments (ADDAPT)

Analgesic Comparative Effectiveness and Pragmatic Trials (ACEPT)

Pain-Related Outcomes Transformations to Enhance the Conduct of Clinical Trials (PROTECCT)

Preclinical Pain Research Consortium for Investigating Safety and Efficacy (PPRECISE)

Promoting Research on Phenotyping, Biomarkers, and Genotyping to Augment Treatment Efficacy (PROPAGATE)

Public Relations and Other Communication and Education Strategies (PROCESS)

Repository of Registered Analgesic Clinical Trials (RReACT)

Resource for Evaluating Procedures and Outcomes of Randomized Trials (REPORT)

Retrospective Evaluation of Patient-Level Information from Controlled Analgesic Trials of Efficacy (REPLICATE)

Safety and Benefit-Risk Reporting and Evaluation (SABRRE)

Standardized Analgesic Database for Research, Discovery, and Submissions (STANDARDS)